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FollowSteph Traffic is Exploding!

Normally I write once a week because I’m so busy running my company LandlordMax Property Management Software. However today I had the chance for the first time in a very long time to look at the statistics for this website (FollowSteph.com). What a good surprise it was! It went from nothing to 12,322 unique visitors a month in just 7 months! This growth is truly exponential as you can see in the graph below.

FollowSteph Traffic

The site went from first being registered and created in June to
397 unique visitors per day seven months later in December! At this pace I suspect it’ll get 25k-50k unique visitors a month by the end of 2006 without a problem. Apparently a lot of you out there like this site, because a good portion of you also come back and read other articles (the logging tools only give me averages, not specifics, so unfortunately I can’t really be more detailed).

The best compliment a blog can get is high traffic because traffic means that you’re providing interesting and informative content. Thank you!

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  •     Dr Altaf
    · November 23rd, 2007  · 7:56 am  · Permalink

    I created a blog and try to add good contents from good writers. But will it not be duplicated if the same writer publish his article somewhere else? Please advise best practice like Jason Calacanis.
    Dr Altaf

  •     Steph
    · November 28th, 2007  · 12:56 pm  · Permalink

    Yes it’s very possible. This is why I always write my own content. And if I have a guest writer, I ask that they give me an exclusive.

    If you want to see if your content is being copied, you can use services such as CopyScape.

  •     Dr Altaf
    · March 30th, 2008  · 3:43 am  · Permalink

    Thanks Steph for such an wonderful link to check copy of my sites. I found almost 100% of www sites are copied. Who copied whom- I donno. Can it be known when and who copied mine? Does not Google treat them SPAM. How they deal with it?
    Tell me how to protect my sites/blogs from being copied.
    Thanks a lot. Have a great day.

  •     Steph
    · March 31st, 2008  · 10:35 pm  · Permalink

    Hi Dr Altaf,

    The best service I’ve found that can help you find copies of your website is Copyscape.com. It’s not perfect, but it’s a quick and easy, and it will find the higher profile copiers (the websites that have more online prominence).

    Does Google treat them as SPAM? That’s a difficult question. The issue is that Google doesn’t really know who’s the original author. They try their best, but they can’t really know. You can say date, but then I can easily fake that. What about the first time Google comes across the article? That’s still not 100% sure because maybe Google found the original after the copy. They might not be perfect, but they do their best.

    As for how to deal with it, my best answer is to contact the guilty party. Often they don’t realize it’s copyrighting. And if they’re less than scrupulous report them to the search engines.

    Beyond that, you have to seek legal advice. At this point it becomes a cost to benefit issue. Are you ahead creating new great content to increase your exposure or fighting copyrighting? If it’s from sites that scrape your content, they won’t be around very long. They’re generally fly by night operations that get continually reported and have to move on. So don’t be shy to report them to the search engines.

    And again, if a blog copies your article, first try contacting them. Many people don’t realize they just can’t copy your blog posts…

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