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As some of you may have already noticed, we’ve done some modifications to the LandlordMax technical support aspect of our website over the weekend. Up until this weekend, the only way to contact the LandlordMax support team was through email. We’ve changed that because of several issues we’ve started encountering with email spam filters getting too aggressive on some of the larger free email services (for example Yahoo has been particularly troublesome for several customers in the last month or so).

In any case, you can still directly email us, that hasn’t changed. However now the email will also include a link to an online webpage where you can also see the status of your request. Also, as an additional option, you can now also submit your support request directly through a very simple online support request form. With this scenario, you can now bookmark the resulting request page to return to anytime to view how your ticket is progressing. You no longer need to wait for an email reply (which you will still receive), you can just as easily go back to that bookmarked webpage to see if your question has been answered directly online.

Although it might not seem so significant at first, this should greatly reduce the effects of emails that get wrongly filtered as spam and are therefore missed by our customers (which is not really their fault). By having the ability to bookmark the page, they now have the option of also coming back directly through their web browser anytime without having to wait for an email to see the progress of their support ticket.

Although this is one of the bigger reasons why we made the change from our current technical support system to the new one, it’s not the only reason. Later this week in another blog entry I’ll go over it in more detail as to why we changed our technical support system to use HelpSpot rather than FogBugz (which by the way we’re still using for other aspects of our business).

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