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The Database Engine Used by LandlordMax Will Now Come Bundled in the Java Language

It’s just come out recently that the next Java version (Mustang) will include Derby as part of the language itself, calling it “Java DB“. Yes, you read me right, it will be part of the actual programming language! Apparently the Java committee is so impressed with Derby that they are going to integrate it into the language itself and therefore support it. As far as I can tell, the main development effort will continue to be done by the Apache Derby Group, but it will then be repackaged as “Java DB” into the Java language.

This is great news! It definitely validates our choice of using Apache Derby as the database engine for LandlordMax. It means that Derby will continue to received substantial development efforts as it’s now going to be part of the actual Java language. If you think about, it also means that Derby has to be a pretty good database engine to become part of the language…

How will this affect the continuing development of LandlordMax? Although I can’t say for certain, I suspect that this was a great stroke of luck for LandlordMax! It can only positively affect the functionality and quality of our embedded database engine (thereby making LandlordMax an even better product).

It’s great to get such a positive boost of good luck out of nowhere once in a while!

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