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Customer Feedback

In the last few days I’ve been personally working with a customer of ours to help him get his letterhear/logo to correctly print on the invoice printouts of LandlordMax. A quick related aside, we will be releasing LandlordMax 2.12c very shortly, possibly this week, at the latest next week, which will incorporate this fix. In addition, LandlordMax version 2.12c will have very significant performance increases! Especially for those of you with larger databases!

Getting back to today’s topic, in one of our last email exchanges, he sent me this comment (which he has given me permission to publish as a testimonial on our LandlordMax Success Stories webpage):

“Well again let me say thanks for your assistance, as well as again acknowledging your company having one of the best products on the market. It is by far superior to Quicken Rental Property Management.”

Thank you Ken, it’s always great to hear positive feedback!

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