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Weekly 7

A word about metrics, part II
You have to think about the limitations of any measuring methodology

Foreclosure listings are up 26%
North Texas’ real estate forced-sale postings keep multiplying

Learn From Adobe – Don’t Annoy Customers
We all know we shouldn’t annoy our customers, right?

If you want to be rich, first stop being so frightened
Very interesting article. I don’t fully agree with this person, and he is very ego-centric, but he has a few great take-aways.

Why Dell.com Still Feels Like Buying a Used Car
A rant about how Dell has trained its corporate customers to haggle for everything, and why you shouldn’t do this.

How to Sell Your New York Apartment
A 20 minute podcast on how to pick your real estate broker.

The TV Deal the NBA Wishes It Had Not Made
This is more of a purely entertaining article. This is the best passive income deal I’ve ever heard of by far!

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