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Weekly 7

Why they don’t upgrade (and what to do about it)
A good explanation of how to launch a successful upgrade!

Rent Control
An interesting argument on why rent control is not always a good thing.

Characteristics of Top Reddit Submissions
Some good statistics on the top rated submitted Reddit articles

Software activation and registration servers
This persons experience with software activation and registrations shows why it’s really important for the user not to have any issues during this process.

Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things
A good analysis by Guy Kawasaki as always

Why Top Employees Quit
I think this article really hits on some of the main points of why employees quit. A couple points that I’d like to point out are: “Our pay scale doesn’t increase at the same rate as the market rates” and “Star Employees know their value.”

When Understanding means Rewriting
Jeff quickly points out that the majority of a programmers time is spent understanding code rather than writing new code, and I believe him. If you think about it, even adding a brand new feature probably consumes more time understanding the current code so that you know how and where to insert the code for the new feature.

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