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LandlordMax Customer Testimonial

There’s nothing I love more than receiving customer testimonials, and we just got another great one on Friday from Gloria Spencer that we’ll shortly be posting to LandlordMax’s Success Stories and Testimonials webpage. Thank you for the great compliment Gloria!

“You have been extremely helpful and quick with your responses. I will inform my friends, associates, etc who have investments property about my experiences with you.”

Gloria Spencer

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  •     Antonio Luciano Jr
    · December 4th, 2006  · 6:53 pm  · Permalink

    Hi Steph,

    Great info, real complete…

    just a comment, not advise. in some of my development projects, I adjust run parameters that are tweeked just out side of scope to see if layers perform. In staging, I do the AstroNUT in training bit, put in blender and see if it can walk straight when every thing stops.

    I have been testing every software on property management out there your stuff stood the test.

  •     Steph
    · December 4th, 2006  · 11:35 pm  · Permalink

    Hi Antonio,

    Thanks for the tip. We generally try to test outside of the scope, but as you know it’s next to impossible to test each and every possible permutation! That being said, I think we get virtually every major issue. And those that we don’t are sent to us through the error reporting system.

    As a quick tip, if you’re software doesn’t have an error reporting feature, it should! Although some errors are extremely rare and require quite a sequence to encounter (for example: Fixed a bug that resulted in an error message if you selected a tenant, then a Reference from the tabbed panel, without clicking on anything else only the first time the program was started, every other time it was ok), someone will eventually experience it. And there’s nothing better than to get an error report with the details so you can fix it!

    And thank you for the great compliment about LandlordMax!!!

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