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Weekly 7

After this week I’ll change the “Weekly 7” to something else as I’m finding it hard to keep discovering 7 new interesting articles each week. Don’t get me wrong, I have no doubt that I can, I just don’t have nearly as much time these days. Therefore, expect these regular postings to be spread out a little more, and be titled a little differently.

The Big Rewrite 
Chad has a good series explaining why rewrites aren’t nearly as easy as they first appear. Anyone looking to do a software rewrite should take heed of his comments.

The Iceberg Secret, Revealed
Joel has some good corollaries on how business and technical folks should try to communicate.

Amazon mystery: pricing of books
Amazon has been receiving some slack for its pricing policies, but the reality is that they’re a smart business. It’s no different than the airlines, gas prices, etc.

A Hunt for Energy Hogs
An interesting article on how to find where you’re consuming energy in your home. I’m personally in the process of converting from incandescent to those highly efficient spiral bulbs. Every bulb goes from 60 watts to 13 watts!

A Plan for Getting a Poor Man Back on His Feet
I might not completely agree with this persons statements, but he makes some very compelling points

Compiler Optimization Of MechAssault 2
Some things in life are actually free. The game MechAssault 2 was able to substantially increase their performance with compiler optimization.

Text Appearance
The presentation of your text will greatly affect how well it’s read (please note this is a pdf link)

Most people don’t think much about it, but whitespace is very important when writing any kind of document. Mark has some great examples of the power of whitespace.

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