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LandlordMax Sales Metrics

As those of you who follow this blog know, I’m pretty transparent about what’s happening at LandlordMax. I’ve posted traffic growth charts, revenue charts, and many other interesting pieces of information. Today I’m going to share a little bit more information that I recently dug up and found interesting while preparing for a potential interview about LandlordMax for a major newspaper publication.

Over the last year our sales have been divided by country as:

LandlordMax Sales By Country Chart

Where the 5.8% sold to International countries is spread across the world to every single continent except Antarctica. Although not very likely, I’m still working on that one. As for the percentage of sales in Canada, remember that we’re a Canadian company. Most of those sales actually come from our home town of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m sure it also helps that I’ve also been part of several real estate and investments groups, clubs, etc. And I generally don’t hesitate to plug LandlordMax here locally when I can (local events, etc.).

Another interesting metric, which actually surprised me quite a bit, is the division between the Downloadable Only versus Shipped CD options. Over the last year 23.8% of all our customers have purchased the shipped CD option along with their purchases of LandlordMax. Although I should be on top of this, I had estimated the numbers at 5%. That’s quite a bit more off than I thought. I guess as we’re slowly automating more and more of this process it feels less and less time consuming. The cost is still the same it’s just that the time required to ship a CD has dropped.

Landlordmax Sales Downloadable Only Versus Shipped CD

All in all some very interesting sales metrics. What does it all mean? A lot. As I’m mentioned it here before, the dropping value of the US dollar to the CDN dollar is significantly affecting us. Now that the USD is almost on par with the CDN ($1.028 CDN = $1 USD), we’ll definitely have to make some price changes. We already knew this was coming regardless of the exchange rate, after all we haven’t increased the price of LandlordMax for over two full years now (it’s needs to be at least adjusted for inflation). However now we not only have to take into consideration inflation, but also the exchange rate. The lower the USD is to the CDN, the more of an impact it will have on that decision.

1 Year USD versus CDN

USD to CDN Exchange Rate


5 Years USD versus CDN

USD to CDN Exchange Rate - 5 Years

We’re of course not the company facing this exchange rate issue. Books are still nowhere near adjusted to the current exchange rates. Cars are insanely overpriced in Canada compared to the US when you take into consideration the exchange rate. It’s now a lot cheaper to go to the US, buy a new car, and import it to Canada. Even after paying taxes and losing the warranty on the new car! The economics no longer work. Many companies are dealing with this, the problem is that the drop in USD is happening very fast relatively (in half a year we’ve seen a drop of about 15% in the value of the USD). It’s no longer a matter of if, it’s a matter of when and by how much.

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