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CPC Ads Earn 50x More Than CPA
A very interesting article on one companies experience testing Google CPA (Cost Per Action) compared to CPC (Cost Per Click). What stands out is that Google is going to a much much harder time figuring out which are fraudulent actions. They just don’t have access to enough data like CPC’s.

11 Tips for Getting Your Comments Noticed on a Popular Blog
Darren always has good tips and this is another one of them. Here he gives some great advice on how to increase the odds that your comments on other blogs get noticed.

101 Ways To Know Your Software Project Is Doomed
Almost funny except that it’s all too real.

A Lesson in Control Simplicity
What is progress? Sometimes adding too many new features might actually be a bad thing.

Want to Succeed? Then Get Off Your Ass and Work
Part of Jeremy’s success is his ability to be honest, sometimes even brutally honest. And in this case he clearly states the secret to his success.

Warning: Software Startups are Not as Easy as Everyone Says
These days it seems we keep seeing headlines about all kinds of people who just started a software company in their basement and have suddenly become overnight successes. The truth is not that simple. Of course that doesn’t make for an as interesting story.

The Zero-Testing Time Bomb
Never ever skip the testing phase of your software development lifecycle, you’ll regret it. No matter how tempting, don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Blogging Success is About The Long Haul
Too many blogs start and die every day. Blogging takes a while to get going. I can tell you having interviewed many high profile bloggers for my book, very few achieve success overnight. It takes time and effort.

Help me Roberto, my web server just got hacked!
A good guide to help you prepare for if your server ever gets hacked.

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