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Do You Make These Mistakes When Writing Your Blog Posts?

Do You Make These Mistakes When Writing Your Blog Posts?

Dear Diary Entries
In other words talk about things other than yourself. It’s ok once in a while to say something about yourself, but other than your family and close friends most people aren’t interested. They want to get some value from what you have to say. Talking about your dog or sister just isn’t valuable for most of the world.

Talk About Nothing
Blah blah blah blah blah some interesting content blah blah blah blah blah… Talk about something. Be about something. Have an opinion.

Extraneous usage of overzealous utterances and discourse
What? Write in clear and easy sentences. Write so everyone can understand what you’re trying to say. This doesn’t mean dumbing down your content, what it means is that you should write as if you’re talking to a normal person. Not as though your writing Shakespear’s last sonnet.

Use Bait and Switch in Your Headlines
Headlines are important, just make sure that you deliver what you promised. Don’t pretend that your article will be about one thing and then write about something else.

Regurgitate the same content
It’s hard to always come up with fresh new content, that’s what good blogging is all about. But if you don’t, then you’ll quickly become very boring and your audience will lose interest.

Copy large amounts of content from others.
There’s nothing wrong with quoting people, but if the majority of your posts are copied from other sources then you might want to consider another vocation. Be original. Add something to the online discussion if you’re going to be quoting or responding. Use quotes to add to your post rather than be your posts.

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