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Why Are There So Many Dead Blogs


It’s amazing how many dead blogs there are out there, blogs where the authors wrote for around two to three months before they called it quits. Well maybe it’s not so amazing. Blogging is very easy to start, it has almost not barrier to entry. However the path to successful blogging is very hard; it takes time, it takes energy, in other words it takes a lot of effort.

To give my favorite analogy, it’s like going to the gym. Ever notice how packed gyms are in January? All these people are trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolution of getting in shape. They all start with the best intentions. They go to the gym at least several times a week and each time they exercise like there’s no tomorrow. They’re on a mission, a mission to get fit. The race is on and their running at full throttle.

Fast forward two to three months and most of these same people are barely going to the gym once a month, if at all. What happened? The good intentions are still there, but once the excitement of starting something new has faded and it’s transitioned into work, well you know the outcome. What should have been a marathon from the start ended being a sprint to nowhere.

The same is true with blogs. Lots of people have started blogs. They get all excited and post almost every day when they first start. It’s excited. It’s all new. They start to get a little bit of traffic. Sure it’s mostly friends and family, but after a few weeks or some friends of friends start looking at their blog. Maybe even a little word of mouth if they’re lucky.

Then a few weeks pass. They start to realize that the blog isn’t going to magically grow. It will take a lot of time and effort, especially to write posts on a consistent basis. Even once a week starts to become a burden. The excitement has worn off and the traffic hasn’t grown by leaps and bounds. It’s growing, but not as expected.

Plus other life events start to take precedence. Instead of blogging tonight they find themselves watching the latest sports game, the latest episode of The Office or Heroes. Then last weekend they just had to attend that barbecue at Bob’s, he always throws the best barbecue, and boy can he barbecue those steaks! And then there’s this great new movie at the cinema that just couldn’t be missed, everyone’s talking about it. And more importantly, the daily grind, you know that thing called work, it’s tiring. There’s nothing wrong with taking a night off, but suddenly that night off has become a week off, then a month off, then it’s pretty much a permanent vacation.

This is why we see the internet littered with blogs that have about two to three months of content. That’s about as long as it takes for people’s excitement to wear off and fade to nothingness. It’s the same psychological principle that happens at the gym. Ever wonder why they push so hard for yearly memberships rather than monthly memberships? It’s the same issue with starting a business. It’s amazing how many times I hear people who stalled somewhere in the middle of writing a business plan. Well ok, maybe it’s not so amazing.

Implementation, execution, and especially perseverance are the keys to success. Blogging takes a lot of hard work and effort. It takes an enormous amount of persistence and patience. Don’t expect to succeed in a month, or even half a year. Exceptionally few do. Expect it will take you two to three years of consistent posting to really get going. To quote Darren Rowse of ProBlogger, “Can you write something of high quality on a daily basis on your chosen topic for the next 3 years? That’s 780 posts if you post each weekday for the next 3 years – 1560 if you post twice each weekday…”.

It’s not easy but it can be done. Decide on a posting schedule and keep at it. I really hate seeing great new blogs with lots of potential fall to the abyss.

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  •     aannttiiiittnnaa
    · April 3rd, 2008  · 2:12 pm  · Permalink

    Looks like we share an interest in DEAD BLOGS check out my dedicated site, for all the abandoned blogs that you can handle, documented using a subtle blend of wry humor and sincere sentiment:


  •     Steph
    · April 4th, 2008  · 11:28 am  · Permalink

    I have to say I’m not suprised to find a blog about dead blogs. The fact that you can group them together in themes is very indicative!

    If you have time, I’m sure a post on some metrics of the longevity of the dead blogs you find would get good attention.

  •     aannttiiiittnnaa
    · April 7th, 2008  · 9:29 am  · Permalink

    Yes, there are plenty of dead blogs out there to cover any themed search I think of! Will try in the near future to start adding the longevity info for each, maybe in my blog sideline. Thanks for the feedback Steph.

  •     Torton McFazzledeen
    · April 4th, 2013  · 4:12 am  · Permalink

    How deliciously ironic that a blog with a posting about dead blogs is now dead. TRIBUTE!

  •     followsteph
    · April 10th, 2013  · 4:17 am  · Permalink

    I’m still around, I’ve just been insanely busy with my company trying to get our release out: https://www.landlordmax.com/v605estatus Once we’ve done that I expect to get back to more regular posting.

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