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BitsDuJour Ebook Sale Results

BitsDuJour How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

As many of you know from my post yesterday (or from seeing it directly), my ebook How to Generate Traffic to Your Website was showcased on BitsDuJour.com for the day. As part of being on BitsDuJour, I offered a 49% discount, bringing the book down to an even $15.00.

Overall the results were positive. I really enjoyed working with Roger (my contact) at BitsDuJour. He was very professional, helpful, and really made the whole experience a pleasure. Thank you Roger.

In terms of results, there was a noticeable spike in sales of the ebook. It wasn’t quite as high as I wanted, I was hoping to replicate Bob Walsh’s success from some months back. Nonetheless it was pretty decent. I was able to sell a 45 copies of the ebook in one day, which is good. It’s a bit shy of my personal target of 200 sales but acceptable (I always aim high).

I suspect one of the bigger reasons for the differences in sales volume is due to the topic of my ebook (as well as price). What I mean by topic is that there are a lot more traffic generation ebooks out there, and to be honest many are pretty bad or very weak on content. So I can understand people’s trepidation. But my book is about over-delivering and under-promising, or as to quote someone who attended the seminar I gave last summer “if most courses are like drinking from a water fountain, than in comparison this course is like drinking from a water hydrant!” I can’t wait to hear people’s responses once they’ve had a chance to read the book!

In any case it was a good day. Doing the math, the revenues comes out to:

45 * $15 = $675

Of course it doesn’t end there, we now need to remove the commissions and other obvious costs:

PayPal charges = $33.75
BitsDuJour commission = $256.50

Total Profits = Total Revenues – costs

$675.00 – $256.50 – $33.75 = $418.50 Profits

The real profits are slightly less, I had to do a bit of related customer support which eats into my time (I’m not free either). But for simplicity let’s ignore that and say the profits for the day were $418.50 which is pretty good. I’m happy.

What interesting for me is that above the revenues it generated, it also created traffic to my website. My RSS feed count went up a bit. It also gave the ebook a lot more exposure, and hopefully that will result in more reviews. If you’re one of the people who bought the book and you do post a review online, please let me know, I’d love to read it (positive or negative).

Another really positive thing that came out of being on BitsDuJour is that it pushed me to update my sales page for the ebook. I knew it had to be done, I even mentioned it here on my blog as being higher on my to do list. Knowing which day specifically I was going to be on BitsDuJour pretty much committed me to a deadline, which apparently I needed. So that was a really good thing if nothing else.

The big question, would I do it again? Absolutely. The exposure was great and the revenue was good. Most importantly though I really enjoyed working with the people at BitsDuJour, even after the deal had expired they continue to treat me very well!

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  •     nagoff
    · May 8th, 2008  · 5:17 am  · Permalink

    Out of curiosity, did you get a discount with BitsDuJour for going on a UK Bank Holiday? Perhaps I’m not the only one who only read about the offer a day late when I got back in the office.

  •     Stephane Grenier
    · May 8th, 2008  · 4:22 pm  · Permalink

    Hi Nagoff,

    There is actually no cost for being on BitsDuJour, they just collect a percentage of your sales (commission).

    In any case, I had no idea it was a UK holiday. I’ll tell you what, contact me directly by email and we’ll work out something (I would have emailed you but you didn’t leave your contact information on the comment).

  •     Eric
    · May 8th, 2008  · 5:27 pm  · Permalink

    I know your numbers are one day calculations.

    As an observation, not to burst your bubble, neither to get you too excited… You state:

    Total Profits = Total Revenues – costs

    As you mention there are other costs to the ebook, time, research, “ten years of hard work for the overnight success”, writing, editing etc…

    Also revenues from the day are stated, but the post exposure, and post “event” day sales are not calculated, or fully trackable. People going to Bits du Jour for other things might see your product and buy it at full price. (not only the UK Holiday folks).

    I guess I am trying to say that the revenues might be better than the immediate sales.

    (Daily or Event or Gross)Profits = (Daily or Event) Revenues – (Daily or Event) costs

    With my many years talking to various entrepreneurs, some of those factors are often forgotten.
    IE: Trade Show being judged a HUGE success, or a DISMAL failure, but person is not factoring in all costs and revenues related to the event.

    (I know Steph probably has this well in line!)

  •     Steph
    · May 8th, 2008  · 10:11 pm  · Permalink

    Hi Eric,

    You’re absolutely right.

    I intentionally didn’t calculate them in because it became too complex, I just alluded to them as you noticed 😉

    And I think you’re right, the revenues might be better than just that one days worth of sales. Only time will tell…

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    · August 4th, 2008  · 10:20 pm  · Permalink

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