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LandlordMax Mac Version is Now Available!!

LandlordMax Property Management Software: Mac version

I’m proud to announce today that the latest version of LandlordMax (version 6.05b) is fully Mac compatible, for ALL Mac OS’s (including the latest Snow Leopard)!

For those of you who have been following the developing story here, it’s been quite a journey that started a long time ago with more than one false start. The last big push, starting in the Spring of this year (2009) resulted in this release of LandlordMax.

One of the best benefits of the Mac version of LandlordMax is that you can transfer your database back and forth between the Mac and Windows versions. So should you decide to change computers, it’s not an issue. Your database can move with you, regardless of if you get a Mac or a Windows computer.

The Mac version of LandlordMax does include all the features and functionality already available on the Windows version. That is, you get over 100 different reports, you can quickly find out which of your tenants are late paying their rents, you get full accounting, invoicing, workorders, etc. You can also send any report you generated directly from within LandlordMax as an email attachment. If you want to an idea of just the features we released for this latest version (6.05) you can see the complete list here.

Again, I’m very proud to announce that LandlordMax version 6.05b is fully Mac compatible with all Mac OS X versions, including the latest Snow Leopard. Welcome new Mac users!!

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