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Lazy Friday Reading Assignments

Starting this week, every Friday I’m going to post a list of some of the best articles I discovered over the week. That and some of the more exciting news in all things related to LandlordMax (technology, real estate, entrepreneur, and so on). So without any further ado, let’s start the first Lazy Friday Reading Assignment!

  • How many of us are on Facebook? Probably most of us. How private is that information? What happens if Facebook starts to go the way of MySpace and starts running out of money? Will they sell your data to try and save the company? If you don’t think it can happen, just look at MySpace as it appears they may be selling some of their data.
  • The database/software world may be in for a world of hurt if Massachusetts has it’s way. They want every company that stores any information in a database about a Massachusetts resident to be encrypted (which is fine), but more importantly they want you to file a Written Information Security Plan (WISP) and file it with the state. Failure to do so could results in large fines. Knowing how most government entities are with IT (lack of understanding), not to mention behind the times, I can’t see how this will help in any way other than kill innovation by causing normal companies to jump through hoops to support any Massachusetts residents. If it was me, I don’t know that I’d be interested in offering any support for Massachusetts. Who wants to file all that paperwork? Never mind very likely having to use older systems because that’s all they have had the time to certify (many government entities around the world are still on IE6 which is why Microsoft is still supporting it). Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

And that’s this Lazy Friday’s first reading assignment. Hope you enjoy it. And if you have any suggestions for next week, please do feel free to email me or comment below.

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