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LandlordMax Now has a Facebook Fan Page

LandlordMax Facebook Fan Page

As part of being more online, above having this personal blog, and having a personal Twitter account which I should tweet more frequently, I’ve also just created a Facebook Fan Page for my company LandlordMax.

My plan is to post more frequent updates on the LandlordMax Facebook Fan Page than I do here. Unlike a blog post which can take many hours to write and publish, a status update is much quicker and easier. I can write them in just a few seconds/minutes, hence why I plan to post more frequently.

The other added benefit is that people can post back, making it more of a direct discussion instead of me mainly publishing articles and people commenting on them as I do here. That and it’s easier to follow the discussions than on Twitter.

Therefore if you want the latest information on LandlordMax and don’t want to wait for me to write full blog posts, please do join us and become a Fan of LandlordMax on Facebook right now. I look forward to hearing from you!

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