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How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

Ebook: How to Generate Traffic for Your Website: How to let people know you exist and get them to come to your website!

Since I finished my book Interview the Pros: What does it take to create a Successful Blog? (it’s been sent to my publisher and is now going through an editing phase) I’ve been reconsidering finishing my previous book about online sales and marketing. What really brought this thought forward was buying and reading Bob Walsh’s ebook MicroISV Sites that Sell! It convinced me that I needed to finish it sooner than later.

Unlike Interview the Pros, which is going to be available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, etc., this second book will only be available as an ebook here. I chose to go the ebook route because of the time and costs it takes to get something to print. The material in this ebook is much more time sensitive and therefore I felt it wasn’t valuable to wait until it could be available in print. I did try to keep the content as timeless as possible but some of the information will become less pertinent quicker than a traditional book can afford. That’s the nature of the internet and online traffic generation.

The ebook will be titled “How to Generate Traffic to Your Website: How to let people know you exist and get them to come to your website!” Instead of focusing on the many aspects of marketing and sales as I originally planned, I decided the book would be more beneficial to you if I narrowed the focus to only how to generate traffic to your website.

The book should be ready by the end of this to early next week because I had already written a large portion of it before I wrote Interview the Pros and because it covers a lot of the same material I presented at a 4-day seminar on how to generate traffic for a website. It won’t be as encompassing as Interview the Pros, but it’s definitely loaded with valuable information. It’s got almost everything I’ve used to get this blog and my company LandlordMax to where they are today (a combined traffic of more than one million unique visitors a year).

If you’re interested, come back very soon to see if the book is already available. Like I said it should be available later this week to early next week if all goes well. And if you want to save yourself some effort, you can also subscribe to my RSS feed so that you don’t have to come back each day. As well you can subscribe to my email newsletter which will send each of the blog entries I publish to your email box directly.

See you in a few days!

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  •     Bob
    · February 27th, 2008  · 2:57 pm  · Permalink

    Hey Steph,

    don’t forget to change the copyright dates… we’re in 2008 after all 😉

  •     Steph
    · February 28th, 2008  · 4:06 pm  · Permalink

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the tip! I’m updating my websites right now, and I’ll make the book and ebook are updated!

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