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Weekly 7

The Coming Collapse in Housing
Probably the MOST DETAILED explanation I’ve ever seen of why were going to experience a housing price collapse!

Startup Success: The Phenomenal Force Of Focus
I’m a very strong proponent in Focus. It’s just too easy to get sidetracked and never finish anything, it happens to the best of us.

Amazing blind kid can do the impossible
This is a phenomenal example showing that if you really want to, you can do anything you want!!!

Entrepreneurial Death Traps
This article has some very good examples of traps that budding entrepreneurs fall into.

Thailand Slum Communications
This really shows what happens if you don’t “refactor”. It’s time to revisit what’s going on with this mess of communications and power.

Meeting Creatures
Good description of the different characters you often find in corporate meetings

The evolution of a website

Weekly 7

Home Prices Plunge by Most in 35 Years
Huge news for the real estate market!

Google Hardware circa 1999
Every company has to start somewhere! However going from this to virtually owning the internet in 5 years is incredible!

10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job
Makes some very good and compelling points! I couldn’t agree more.

Speed Still Matters
Talks about how important speed and performance are when it comes to computers and peoples perceptions

How rich are you?
Enter in your yearly income and see where you rank in the world in terms of how rich you are

Why Poor Countries Are Poor
Although I generally avoid articles with politics in them, this one is very good.

The Build Server: Your Project’s Heart Monitor
Jeff really shows the importance of having a build server.

Weekly 7

Ideas are worthless
A great follow-up on my article Ideas are a Dime a Dozen

National debt of the United-States
Another graph of the debt, but this time it also includes the total debt (and lists which president were in office), as well as being adjusted for inflation.

Matching design sketches to the desired level of design feedback
The evolution of designing a computer screen from the initial picture to the final polished product.

Stop Rolling Your Own CSV Parser!
A phenomenal example of how a simple common programming concept can quickly escalate into a massive endeavour!

What I’ve learned from failure
Great article showing many of the ways companies and projects fail. Lots of great lessons here that are very applicable.

The Parable of the Two Programmers
This is all too common…

Ebay Bid
The market always amazes me. All it takes to create a market for a product is for someone to figure out how to market and sell it and find at least one interested buyer.

Weekly 7

The View From the Top
This is completely the contrary of what I generally like to link, but it really shows why some people get ahead in life and others don’t. Priorities and values! Thank you for the great article

Successful Blogging Does Take Time
This is my own article from my other blog. In essence, I’m showing that successful blogging does take time.

10 mistakes that made flipping a flop
Very good article!

Will Google End Up Like Atari?
A good comparison of the similarities between the power and dominance of Atari in it’s heyday compared to Google.

The Art of Customer Service
What customers service should be all about.

What I’ve learned from failure
The title says it all.

Entrepreneurial Proverbs
Who doesn’t like simple business proverbs?

Weekly 7

The Fisherman and The Investment Banker
Know what you want out of life before starting on a grand journey

Of the world’s 100 largest economic entities, 51 are now corporations and 49 are countries.
It’s hard to believe that more than half of the world’s largest economies are corporations.

Design Debt
Design debt is something every software project/product has to deal with.

Quick And Dirty Inc.
It’s incredible how many companies operate this way.

Why millions of home alarm systems are useless…
He explains in enough detail what to look for when purchasing a home alarm system. After reading this, my eyes are much more open in seeing how many homes security systems are virtually useless

They also serve who only stand and wait
Brings forth some some very convincing points as to why appliance (dishwasher, fax, computer, etc.) stand-by energy should be visited on a global level.

hacked .htaccess
This is probably the most effictive hacking idea I’ve ever seen to monetize the website you’re hacking!

Weekly 7

10 reasons people make stupid decisions
The title says it all. And this is probably one of the very few times I agree with every point in the list!!!

Google Puts Lid on New Products
Realizing that its myriad services are confusing users, it will focus on refining what it has.

Automated Antenna Design
A little off the usual topic, but seeing as I’m an AI (Artificial Intelligence) buff, and especially genetic algorithms (aka evolutionary algorithms) this is a great story!

DMOZ Directory – How Much Money Is It Worth To You
Personally I don’t believe it’s worth much, if anything, right now. There seems to be a lot innactivity and possibly some corruption going on. Just read the comments in that post alone, and trust me you see these types of comments everywhere online!

The Multi-Tasking Myth
Multi-tasking is very difficult, and although I do admit that some people are better at it then others, you always encounter some penalty.

10 Tips for Moving From Programmer to Entrepreneur
Some great tips! Many of which I’ve had to learn the hard way myself. Probably his first tip was the most applicable for me initially, but one which I strongly agree with now.

Must Read: Top 10 Mortgage Mistakes
Some great tips here if you’re shopping for a mortgage, especially if you’re new to the industry.

Weekly 7

Rank Order – Current account balance
The account balance of the world countries. Some very astounishing information in this list

Yearly US Budget Deficit or Surplus since 1960
Again, another very surprising piece of information! Hopefully this trend won’t continue.

How Do We Calculate It?
The world’s distribution of money

Pinching the Penny Pinchers
Some very good examples of corporations cutting costs in very wrong ways.

On risk
A good discussion on how people evaluate risk

Did I Remember To
Now that’s what I call software testing!

I almost destroyed a life today
A small but very potent story that might make you think before acting.

Weekly 7

Why they don’t upgrade (and what to do about it)
A good explanation of how to launch a successful upgrade!

Rent Control
An interesting argument on why rent control is not always a good thing.

Characteristics of Top Reddit Submissions
Some good statistics on the top rated submitted Reddit articles

Software activation and registration servers
This persons experience with software activation and registrations shows why it’s really important for the user not to have any issues during this process.

Why Smart Companies Do Dumb Things
A good analysis by Guy Kawasaki as always

Why Top Employees Quit
I think this article really hits on some of the main points of why employees quit. A couple points that I’d like to point out are: “Our pay scale doesn’t increase at the same rate as the market rates” and “Star Employees know their value.”

When Understanding means Rewriting
Jeff quickly points out that the majority of a programmers time is spent understanding code rather than writing new code, and I believe him. If you think about it, even adding a brand new feature probably consumes more time understanding the current code so that you know how and where to insert the code for the new feature.

Weekly 7

Screaming users considered good
The author says it best himself: “Bottom line: Every product evolves. It’s the rare (or trivial) that gets it right the first time and sticks with it for the rest of time. Listen to the screamers and whiners and people writing nasty blog posts. It’s painful and tough, but worth it. The screamers may not know it, but they’re really helping you out with the next release.”

Tutorial: How to Sabotage Yourself
A Tutorial that is Designed Especially for Self-loathers

The Econ 101 Management Method
Be careful when you measure performance because what you measure is exactly what you’ll get, whether or not that’s what you really want.

Debunking Zillow.com…
Greg shows several examples of properties that have sold with very different prices from Zillow’s home value estimate. He explains why he thinks Zillow is so off the actual selling price, and includes some of the email exchanges he’s had with them in this regard.

Business Geeks: Automated Software Testing as Competitive Advantage
Gives a fairly detailed explanation of why automated software testing can give a software company a competitive advantage

The Berserkonomics of One Rent-Stabilized Apartment Building
Very detailed story of how rent stabilization is affecting a property owner in New York. After everything is said and done, it’s almost impossible to imagine anyone with a mortgage making any kind of profit, never mind renovating the property!

The Full-Time Gap
If you ever thought of making your hobby into a Full-time business, this is an article I suggest you read.

Weekly 7

101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006
Some great advice on how to build links for your website

Software: It’s a Gas
Jeff re-iterates the four laws of software quite well.

How to get users to RTFM
Very good article on how to provide better support for your users through 5 different types of manuals.

What Slows Windows Down?
This is the last page of the report and it shows some interesting statistics on how different software applications can affect your system.

The Best Computer Upgrade Ever
Sometimes a faster processor is not always the best upgrade. Don’t forget to consider getting a large monitor.

The World’s Billionaires
A density map of the billionaire’s accross the world

The start-up inflection point
Interesting observation of how a software company transitions from a small startup to a larger business.



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